This course covers the requirement of STCW code, chapter III, Section A-III/6. This functional element provides the detailed knowledge to support the training outcomes related to Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Operational Level. This course description provides the background knowledge and practical work to support:
-electronics element description (diode, BJT ,FET Transistors )
-differ between the normal electronics element and the power electronics element in terms
-studying the op-amp parameters and characteristics , some of their important circuitry
-the application of power electronics
-distinguish between types of converters and their use , and constructions.
-analysis for many converter circuits ,in terms of output voltage , current, power,
frequency ,root mean square voltage and average voltage.
-know the construction and the way of operation for some of power electronic devices
such as thyristor , IGBT , power mosFet which are commonly in use.